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From the Trenches - On the cheap: Linux (
The Greatest OS That (N)ever Was (
Linus Torvalds and thousands of disparate hackers created Linux, perhaps the only alternative to Windows NT. It may be the greatest software story never completed.
Linux OS Tired of NT? Put on your Red Hat (
          Red Hat Linux is a complete Internet or intranet in a box for a price you can hardly turn down. If you don't mind using alternate support channels, this package has everything you need.
An OS for the people, ( an article in Lantimes Online mentions Linux and other Unices.
Although it is difficult to track the popularity of OSes that are distributed freely or cheaply, there is anecdotal evidence that the no-frills versions of Unix known as Linux and Berkeley System Design (BSD), once used mainly in academia and research labs, have found their way into corporate computing.